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Types of Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool builders in Hyderabad

With advancements in construction technology and the availability of newer and varied materials, the choices that a consumer, seeking to build a swimming pool, has today, has never been greater.

There are primarily five options when it comes to the type of swimming pool to construct. Each one has their own ‘pros’ and ‘cons’. Some offer an increased level of aesthetic appeal, some offer durability.

Read on to decide which one best suits your requirements…..happy swimming pool shopping!!

1. Concrete Pool:

The conventional choice for in-ground pool construction is, of course, concrete.

The construction of the pool commences with excavating (digging) the ground to suit the dimensions of the pool. A framework of steel is then installed within and around the excavated area (to suit requirements). Concrete is poured and then sealed, typically with a coat of plaster, but other materials can be used as well.  Examples of other sealing materials include aggregates of pebble, glass, tiles and a myriad of other combinations.

Depending on the usage and wear, the sealant layer can be re-applied as required.

Concrete pools are very durable and have withstood the test of time as a preferred pool type. They are customizable and allow for a range of accessories, lighting types and finishes. They are, however, expensive and require more time when compared with other pool types to build. Also, if the structure is not built correctly (and sometimes, even if it is), concrete pools can show cracks after a period of time due to the “settling” or “shifting” effects of the ground.

If you are thinking of going for a concrete pool, it is advisable to have your plot surveyed by an expert, as one of the “big ticket” items is the excavation and form-work. Knowing ahead of time if your plot has rocks or shale can better prepare you for any increased costs in time or money.

All in all, a concrete swimming pool is a very worthwhile investment to any property. It will provide you with years of use and add value to your property.

2. Fiberglass:

Fiberglass is a very popular alternative to a concrete pool.

There are a range of “standard shells” available that suit most tastes and plot sizes.

A popular method to ‘build’ a fiberglass swimming pool is to purchase a standard fiberglass shell and have it lowered into an area that has been excavated (dug out). This solution is probably a high(er) cost method, but this type of treatment will last up to 15 years before any signs of deterioration start becoming evident. Added to the longevity of this type of swimming pool, the smooth surface means maintenance that is relatively easy and trouble-free.

Fiberglass pools are known to wear, crack and colour-fade over time. Unfortunately, this is a flaw of the material itself. These issues can be repaired can be completed, but, often the ‘repaired parts do not match the rest of the swimming pool, i.e. the colour does not match the original color. These imperfections stand out and are aesthetically not pleasing.

In summary, fiberglass pools are easy to maintain, can be installed relatively quickly, are very ‘hardy and durable, and can be eye-pleasingly designed. However, the initial capital cost can be higher than vinyl liner swimming pools, and the choice in terms of size and shape is somewhat restricted.

3. Vinyl-Lined:

If you’re working with a smaller budget, then, a vinyl-lined swimming pool is probably an option you should consider.

Vinyl-lined swimming pools are constructed using a plastic or metal frame, with supporting panels and a sand base along with a liner that is made from vinyl (hence the name!).

Typically, this type of swimming pool has a lifespan of 15 years or pore. The only caveat here is that the pool should be treated against fungal attack and solar damage, typically with the use of UV and fungus inhibitors. If this treatment is not done, the vinyl could degrade fairly rapidly.

Vinyl-lined pools are available in various shapes and sizes (non-standard sizes and shapes can easily be accommodated). This makes it an ideal swimming-pool type for smaller plots. It is also much easier to blend into an established landscaped area offering a seamless and cohesive outdoor aesthetic.

A word of caution though, vinyl liners are can be relatively easily punctured. Obviously with a puncture comes a “complete pool failure” and repairs can be cost-prohibitive.

4. Shipping Container Pool:

Given the increasing trend of recycling and upcycling, shipping containers are being put to a range of uses once their useful life in transporting goods comes to an end. Given their narrow and long shape, containers are perfect as swimming pools for those who want a pool that offers convenience and is relatively installed on their premises.

The steel shipping can be turned into swimming pools in a variety of ways.

The containers are cleaned-up (using sand blasting or abrasive cleaning techniques) and are treated for rust. They are then lined with a vinyl-liner insert or an inner layer of steel (i.e. a second steel ‘skin’) or a fibreglass swimming pool shell.

Once the container has been lined, accessories, as required can be added (water-proof lighting systems etc.) and the container-pool can be filled with water. Voila, you have your very own swimming pool!

One of the most advantageous reasons for installing a container swimming pools is the relatively low price point. Another advantage of the container swimming pool is that it can be installed and used almost instantly. Shipping container pools are basically ‘above-ground’ swimming pools, so, virtually no ‘ground’ work (i.e. excavations and the like) is required in-situ. The swimming pool only needs a surface that is level to sit on.

Finally, shipping container swimming pools can quite easily be moved by truck, so, if you ever decide to move your residence, you could take your swimming pool with you!!

With so many advantages in its corner, a container swimming pool might look like an absolute winner, but wait, they do have a few disadvantages which need to be pointed out. The sizes available are usually 20 or 40 feet in length, with the width being the same on every model. The shape too, i.e. ‘a rectangle’ might not suit every lifestyle. The aesthetics of this type of swimming pool also leaves something to be desired – a rectangular box is not a sight for sore eyes! Although some customization options are available, this type of swimming pool requires some really creative landscaping around it to give it a’lift”.

5. Dunk Pools:

Dunk pools are a recent innovation in backyard pool technology.

They are made of steel, extremely durable and take up less space than most conventional swimming pools. This means they can be installed in areas that are not suited for large in-ground or above-ground swimming pools.

Dunk swimming pools are either square or rectangular in shape, are great for kids (or big kids) wanting to have a splash or cool off in those hot summer months.

For adults, a dunk pool offers a way of pursuing aqua fitness exercises en-route to a healthier lifestyle.

The installation process is much quicker than many other conventional swimming pools (not to mention that they are much lighter on the wallet too!!). They are incredibly user-friendly with ambient temperature and lighting controls that can integrate to an app (part of a smart home system).

Before making an investment in a swimming pool, think through why you want the pool.

Who will be using it? For what. Purpose(s)?

You may be surprised to learn that a conventionally constructed in-ground swimming pool may be “too much swimming pool” for your specific requirements. Doing lap after lap is not the only way to use a swimming pool to stay fit. You may find that a much smaller, dunk pool, will do just the job!

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