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How do I choose the right swimming pool

Swimming Pool builders in Hyderabad

The thought of having a swimming pool could be exciting for a zillion of reasons. Merely the anticipation of relishing a cool water dive on warm days is just part of the fun. Swimming pool construction can influence the value of the property both aesthetically and monetarily. Despite being a great source of entertainment during occasions or family events the design architect also allures your yard. But before taking the plunge it’s vital to assess your options before making a heavy investment.

Listed are some top picked factors to consider that would favour your choice of the best style fit to your personalised backyard oasis:

What do your intent/ PURPOSE?

From a design perspective, before considering your choices, the first question to ask yourself is how do you plan to use your pool? Would it just be for personal fitness/morning laps, or do you desire to float away on lazy afternoons? The answer to this will help you decide the size, shape and additional features such as the ‘beach entry’ aka ‘0 entry pool’. Unlike the traditional bulky stairs pool, the zero-entry pool - a contemporary design in luxury pools, is the new thing providing aesthetics and functional benefits for a pool intended for casual purposes.

Swimming Pool Repair

Pick the right size / Choose the one with the right effect:

Whether it’s a backyard or a lawn pool, ensure your pool builders know the perfect size of the pool that you vision. Plunge pools are the go-to option in case of a confined space, they can be as small as 8-10 feet square. This small but deep pool is good for lounging and relaxing in smaller yards. A Lap pool can also serve your purpose, this long narrow rectangular pool with a big effect is ideal for personal fitness with a size of around 6-8 feet wide and `45 feet long. It’s the best fit for a narrow or shallow residential lot. If nothing fits right throw the rule book out the window and go for a round or kidney-shaped pool.

On an average, small pool construction would cost you anywhere in the range of 2.5 lakh to 10 lakh depending on the size and type.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Location and orientation:

Often the surrounding architectural structure or the building envelope dictates the location of the pool. however, it’s recommended to install a pool facing the sun as it keeps the water temperature right for swimmers to stay longer. Consider the hours of sunlight the pool will be exposed to and at what hour the home will cast a shadow on the pool.

Drawback: Having excessive sunlight exposure could cause discomfort, especially to the younger ones, in this scenario something like a pergola over the pool should be of rescue.

Cost to build a pool

Beyond the blurred lines:

Looking for an infinite pool effect, your swimming pool construction should be in a way that you blur the visual line where the pool ends and the yard begins. This dramatic design is ideal if your pool is near a slope with an extended landscape. If you have a good background view, this impressive structure will allow you to keep the focus on that.

It is difficult to highlight an accurate cost to build an infinite swimming pool as the cost varies based on individual sites. However, the cost to build this pool is more expensive than the conventional pools.

Drawback: Because the building process is very technical, you cannot reconstruct a pre-build pool into infinity or a zero-edge pool. To build such a pool needs expert engineering, knowledge and process which is not easy to find.

Cost of building a swimming pool

Go chemical-free:

It’s almost evangelical that now you can restorate chlorine water with saltwater and natural elements in your custom natural swimming pool. It’s a trending concept in Austria. Blue Iris Pools is one of India’s best swimming pool companies to build a natural swimming pool. Besides it being an eco-conscious alternative it also favours less damage to your skin and hair.

Austria-based Biotop Landschaftsgestaltung GmbH, together with a local construction company, built the 1,000 sq. ft pool in Hesaraghatta at a cost of Rs25 lakh.

Drawback: Installing the structure and maintaining the swimming pool services might be laborious but if you make it happen can be a unique sight.

Swimming Pool Maintenance


If budget is a constraint, fiberglass pool is the least expensive and time-efficient inground pool. It does not take more than two days to install and is resistant to algae growth. It requires the least swimming pool services and maintenance costs. Realistically it takes about 30% to 50% less cost to build a pool as compared to a concrete pool. A fiberglass pool is also easily available in India.

The average cost to build a pool is around Rs.2000/- to Rs.3500/- per square ft depending on the size of the pool. 

Drawback: The size and the limited choice of design are the biggest drawbacks of this style. Also, because fiberglass pools are transported via roadways, they cannot be more than 16ft.

To summarise, shortlisted above are recommendations that highlight some of the key areas to consider before choosing the perfect pool for your property among a catalogue of other factors. Even if you’re going for a high-end luxurious swimming pool or a small family-friendly swimming pool make sure you consider your choice after crucially analysing the size of your property, location and budget that suits your vision.

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